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Criterion Theatre
Speaking In Tongues (2005)
Written by Andrew Bovill
Sat 23rd April to Sat 30th April
Director – Geoff Bennett
Production Photos
Leon – Bill Butler
Sylvia – Helen Withers
Pete – Jason Dawson
Jane – Chris Ingall
Nick – Michael Hammond
John – Andrew Tyrer
Valerie – Jane Railton
Neil – Richard Johnson
Sarah – Emma Withers
Stage Manager – Ben Woodward
Continuity – Shirley Jobson
Lighting Design – Ian Knight
Lighting Operators – Raoul Wood
Lighting Operators – Andrew Johnson
Sound – Dave Cornish
Wardrobe – Maureen Liggins
Wardrobe – Pam Coleman
Prop Builder – Doug Griffiths
Set Painting – Doug Griffiths
Prop Builder – Paul Chokran
Set Painting – Paul Chokran
Prop Builder – Mike Tooley
Set Painting – Mike Tooley
Prop Builder – John Mitter
Set Painting – John Mitter
Props – Annie Woodward
Props – Les Rahilly
The Programme
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