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Criterion Theatre
Four Nights In Knaresborough (2009)
Written by Paul Webb
Sat 16th May to Sat 23rd May
Director – John Ruscoe
Production Photos
Morville – Bill Butler
Fitz – Jon Elves
Brito – Dave Crossfield
Traci – Andy Bayliss
Catherine – Cathryn Bowler
Becket/john/wigmore – Peter Brooks
Set Design – Louise Bagley
Set Builders – Pete Bagley
Set Builders – Simon Sharpe
Set Builders – Des Ali
Set Builders – Doug Griffiths
Set Builders – Paul Tierney
Set Builders – Mike Tierney
Set Builders – Andrew Tyrer
Set Builders – Mike Tooley
Set Builders – Kevin Woods
Set Builders – Ben Woodward
Set Painters – Louise Bagley
Set Painters – Paul Wilkins
Set Painters – Sara Beamish
Set Painters – Doreen Belton
Set Painters – Emma Fernandez
Set Painters – Sue Hadlum
Set Painters – Pauline Petros
Set Painters – Judy Sharpe
Set Painters – Christian Voigt
Stage Manager – Ben Woodward
Prompt – Maggie Parkes
Lighting Design – Ian Knight
Sound Design – Dave Cornish
Sound Operator – Pete Bagley
Wardrobe – Maureen Liggins
Wardrobe – Pam Coleman
Tapestry – Judy Talbot
Tapestry – Paul Chokran
Tapestry – Sue Hadlum
Tapestry – Sally Patalong
Tapestry – Susie Murphy
Tapestry – Vivienne Woods
Props – Annie Woodward
Props – Les Rahilly
Props – Erica Young
Props – Sally Patalong
Special Effects – Paul Wilkins
The Band
Drum Recording – David Butler
The Programme
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