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Criterion Theatre
Death And The Maiden (2010)
Written by Ariel Dorfman
Sat 6th February to Sat 13th February
Director – Geoff Bennett
Your Memories
John Fenner remembers ...
A privilege to work with the esteemed Geoff Bennett on this classic play.
Production Photos
The Lawyer - Gerado Escobar – Andrew Bayliss
His Wife - Paulina Escobar – Libby Mckay
The Visitor - Roberto Miranda – John Fenner
Stage Manager – Clair Henrywood
Set Design – Simon Sharpe
Set Construction – Simon Sharpe
Set Construction – Pete Bagley
Set Construction – Frances Dixon
Set Construction – Dave Holmes
Set Construction – Mike Tooley
Set Construction – Joe Sharpe
Set Construction – Kevin Woods
Set Painters – Paul Wilkins
Set Painters – Judy Talbot
Set Painters – Martin Roddis
Properties – Annie Woodward
Properties – Kat Cooper
Properties – Tony Cuttiford
Properties – Sharon Evans
Properties – Michael Hammond
Properties – Simon Heer
Properties – Chris Jones
Properties – Peter Jones
Properties – Andy Stamper
Properties – Les Rahilly
Lighting Design – Ian Knight
Lighting Operators – Joe Fallowell
Sound Design – Dave Cornish
Sound Operator – Dave Cornish
Wardrobe – Wendy Anderson
Prompt – Wendy Anderson
The Programme
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