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Criterion Theatre
Nil Carborundum (1964)
Written by Henry Livings
Sat 22nd February to Sun 1st March
Director – Geoff Bennett
Production Photos
Warrant Officer Keighly – Anthony Haydon
Warrant Officer McKendrick – Reginald Fletcher
S.A.C. Albert Meakin – John Hathaway
Mr Higgins – Herbert Hartley
A.C.2 Nevllle Harrison – Robert Fallon
A.C.2 Taffy Jones – Bill Hurst
Sgt. Bell – Alan Warren
Wing Commander Howard – Eric Abbott
Adjutant – Leslie Tucker
S.P. Sgt. Fairclough – John Lawrence
Bren Gun Corporal – Roger Neave
Bren Gun Airman – Geoff Eames
Airmen – John Crofts
Airmen – Charles Garner
Margit – Beryl Smith
Blind John – Reg Percival
June. Albert's Wife – Joyce Chavner
Warrant Officier Clapp – Robin Green
Pilot Officer – John Burrows
Corporal – Paul Smith
No. 1 Commando – Derek Barnett
No. 2 Commando – Mick Hartley
Group Captain Lyons – Reg Warman
Airman – Martin Everett
Stage Director – George Hugill
Stage Manager – Jeff Hadley
Set Construction – Jeff Hadley
Set Construction – Martin Hadley
Set Construction – George Hugill
Set Construction – Mike Linskill
Set Construction – Alan Warren
Costume – Irene Light
Properties – Dorothy Percival
Properties – Joan Tucker
Properties – Ann Eley
Properties – Joan Hartley
Sound – Alfred Herbert
Electrician – Reg Hunnisett
Prompter – Thea Jones
The Programme
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