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Criterion Theatre
Port Authority (2013)
Written by Conor McPherson
Wed 10th April to Sat 13th April
Director – Gennie Holmes
Production Photos
Kevin – Pete Meredith
Dermot – Peter Gillam
Joe – Matt Sweatman
Stage Manager – Olivia Holmes
Production Assistant – Jack Hawker
Production Technician – Ellen Greenway
Lighting Designer – Ian Knight
Sound and Technical Support – Dave Cornish
Set Designer – Dave Holmes
Prompt – Nicola Gabriel
Sound Operator – Olivia Holmes
Special Thanks – Pete Bagley
Graphic Designer – Susan Schweitzer
The Programme
The Play

A boy leaves home for the first time.
A man starts a job for which he is not qualified.
A pensioner has just been sent a mysterious package.

Away from Dublin's bar-room bravado, three men show us the reality of big dreams and missed chances, of loves lost and trouble found of the messiness of life and the quirkiness of fate.

In three overlapping monologues, Port Authority weaves together a wry, moving and funny tale of how modern man faces up to the responsibility of love. This is story telling at its best.

Please be advised that this play contains strong language.

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