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Criterion Theatre
How Are You Johnny? (1966)
Written by Philip King
Sat 2nd July to Sat 9th July
Play Produced By – Margaret Baker
Production Photos
Johnnie Leigh – John Ruscoe
Mary Roberts, His Mother – Christine Harris
Les Thornton, His Mate – John Walter
James Thornton, His Step-father – Alan Warren
Det. Sgt. Brown – Anthony Haydon
Madge Crossley, His Girl – Jill Chamberlain
Decor – John Burrows
Stage Director – Janet Chamberlain
Stage Manager – Reg Light
Set Construction – Reg Light
Wardrobe – Maureen Copping
Properties – Madge Jones
Properties – Doris Hinds
Lighting – Brian Tuck
Lighting – Steve Brooks
Sound – Mervyn Masters
Prompter – Kate Wilcox
Photographs By – Wynne Jarrett
The Programme
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