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Criterion Theatre
The Visit (1966)
Written by Frederick Durenmatt
Sat 12th November to Sat 19th November
Director – Geoff Bennett
Production Photos
Claire Zachanassian, Née Wascher, Multi-millionairess, Armenian Oil – Janette Turnbull
Her Husbands Vll-ix – Reg Percival
Butler – Arthur Mccaffrey
Toby Gum-chewers – Reg Light
Roby – Leslie Tucker
Koby Blind – Richard Hewitt
Loby – Brian Price
Alfred |ll – John Hathaway
His Wife – Noreen Adams
His Son – Stephen Brookes
His Daughter – Jill Chamberlain
Mayor – Ralph Jones
Priest – George Hugill
Schoolmaster – Ken Dooley
Doctor – Alan Warren
Policeman – Terry Brown
Man One – Herbert Hartley
Man Two – Reg Fletcher
Man Three – John Lawrence
Man Four – George Griffin
Woman One – Elizabeth Mccaffrey
Woman Two – Norma Bainbridge
Gymnast – Ian Daniell
Station Master – David Rushton
Ticket Inspector – Graham Caldicott
Bailiff – Geoffrey Veasey
Reporters – Graham Caldicott
Reporters – David Rushton
Radio Commentator – Anthony Haydon
Cameraman – Geoffrey Veasey
Townspeople – Wendy Ashfield
Townspeople – Janet Chamberlain
Townspeople – Lynn Dolby
Townspeople – Thelma Fletcher
Townspeople – Yvonne Lear
Townspeople – Janet Luckman
Townspeople – Pat Pugh
Townspeople – Vera Watson
Townspeople – Kate Wilcox
Stage Director – Elsie Bennett
Stage Manager – Jeff Hadley
Set Construction – Jeff Hadley
Wardrobe – Renee Lingard
Properties – Joan Tucker
Properties – Jean Warren
Properties – Julia Green
Lighting – Brian Tuck
Sound – Alfred Herbert
Prompter – Thea Jones
Photographer – Wynne Jarrett
The Programme
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