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Criterion Theatre
Major Barbara (1968)
Written by George Bernard Shaw
Sat 22nd June to Sat 29th June
Director – Margaret Baker
Production Photos
Lady Britomart – Jean Gallagher
Stephen, Her Son – Joe Dunn
Barbara, Her Daughter – Margaret Swift
Sarah, Her Daughter – Laura Hughes
Lomax – Stephen Brookes
Cusins – Jim Conry
Morrison, The Butler – David Newman
Undershaft, Her Husband – Tony Haydon
Rummy Mitchems – Janette Turnbull
Snobby Price – Ronald Cook
Bill Walker – Graham Caldicott
Peter Shirley – David Newman
Jenny Hill – Jill Chamberlain
Mrs. Baines – Kate Wilcox
Bilton – George Hugill
Setting – Bryn Jones
Stage Director – George Hugill
Set Construction – Robin Green
Set Construction – George Hugill
Set Construction – Bryn Jones
Wardrobe – Glynis Cooper
Wardrobe – Michael Kirk
Properties – Ann Pyrah
Properties – Mollie Hugill
Sound – John Pedrick
Lighting – Graham Oliver
Lighting – Brian Tuck
Lighting – Dave Brown
Prompter – Elizabeth Mccaffrey
Photographer – John Blakemore
The Programme
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