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Criterion Theatre
The Caucasian Chalk Circle (1969)
Written by Bertolt Brecht
Sat 3rd May to Sat 10th May
Director – Margaret Baker
Production Photos
Story Teller – June Herbert
Governor – Alan Warren
Governor's Wife – Janette Turnbull
Fat Prince – Arthur Mccaffery
1st Doctor – Terry Brown
2nd Doctor – Bob Morley
Adjutant – George Hugill
Simon Chachava – Geoff Bennett
Grusha – Helena Gault
Architect – Ian Hopwood
Cook – Norma Bainbridge
Nurse – Thelma Fletcher
Old Man – Reg Fletcher
Corporal – Alan Warren
Blockhead – John Burrows
Ironshirts – David Blackburn
Ironshirts – Geoff Firth
Peasant Woman – Vera Watson
Peasant – Stephen Brookes
Merchants – Jill Chamberlain
Merchants – Reg Fletcher
Merchants – Ian Hopwood
Lavrenti – Terry Brown
Sister-in-law – Thelma Fletcher
Mother-in-law – Norma Bainbridge
Monk – Ian Hopwood
Yussup – Bob Morley
Michael – Robert Smith
Children – Jill Warren
Children – Simon Pugh
Azdak – Bob Browning
Fugitive – Bob Morley
Shauva – Reg Fletcher
Nephew – Stephen Brookes
Invalid – Christine Burton
Limping Man – Ian Hopwood
Doctor – June Herbert
Blackmailer – Terry Brown
Inn-keeper – Bob Morley
Ludovica – Sheila Padmore
Old Woman – Thelma Fletcher
Farmers – Ian Hopwood
Farmers – Dave Holland
Bandit – John Burrows
1st Lawyer – Terry Brown
2nd Lawyer – Bob Morley
Old Man – Ian Hopwood
Old Woman – Jill Chamberlain
Beggars, Neighbours , – Christine Burton
Beggars, Neighbours , – Janet Chamberlain
Beggars, Neighbours , – Joy Evans
Villagers, Onlookers – Janice Lamb
Villagers, Onlookers – Sheila Padmore
Villagers, Onlookers – Dave Holland
Accordian – James Buckley
Setting – Eric Flitcroft
Costumes – Renee Lingard
Costumes – Joyce Chavner
Stage Director – Margaret Baker
Set Construction – Jeff Hadley
Set Construction – Dave Brown
Set Construction – Phil Bagley
Set Construction – Jim Conry
Set Construction – John Crofts
Set Construction – Joe Dunn
Set Construction – Dave Holland
Set Construction – John Lawrence
Properties – Joan Tucker
Properties – Christine Harris
Lighting – Norman Jones
Lighting – John Hathaway
Sound – Mervyn Masters
Sound – Phil Bagley
Photographs – Richard Sadler
The Band
Recorder – Lee Clarke
Recorder – Colin Lee
The Programme
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