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Criterion Theatre
Close The Coalhouse Door (1972)
Written by Alan Plater
Sat 14th October to Sat 21st October
Director – Geoff Bennett
Production Photos
Thomas Milburn – Tony Haydon
His Wife, Mary Ann – Maureen Copping
His Grandson, John – Bob Green
His Grandson, Frank – Geoff Firth
His Mate, Will – Alan Warren
His Friend, Geordie – John Hathaway
His Friend, Jackie – Graham Fair
Frank's Girl Friend, Ruth – Wendy Browning
Vicar – Pete Bagley
Guests – June Herbert
Guests – Ann Hulland
Guests – Steve Hutt
Guests – Chris Smith
Hughie – Stuart Mclauchlan
The Expert – John Burrows
Setting – Bob Morley
Musical Director – Ray Williams
Stage Director – Elsie Bennett
Stage Manager – Jeff Hadley
Set Construction – Jeff Hadley
Set Construction – Dave Brown
Set Construction – Bob Green
Set Construction – Steve Higgins
Set Construction – Reg Light
Set Construction – Karl Stafford
Set Construction – Peter Threadgold
Set Decoration – Janette Turnbull
Properties – Margaret Baker
Wardrobe – Renee Lingard
Sound – Steve Brooks
Sound – Alfred Herbert
Lighting – Peter Elkington
Lighting – Margaret Crofts
Lighting – Dave Neale
Continuity – Jean Firth
Photographer – Ian Loader
The Band
Piano – Ray Williams
Bass – Mick Anstis
Drums – Basil Witham
The Programme
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