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Criterion Theatre
The Horse (1974)
Written by Julius Hay
Sat 19th October to Sat 26th October
Director – Geoff Bennett
Production Photos
Caligula, The Emperor – John Burrows
Macro, Commander Of The Bodyguards – Bryan Ferriman
Lollia, Macro's Wife – Janette Turnbull
Egnatius, The Consul – Terry Brown
Selanus, A Young Man Fromthe Country – Bob Green
Fuficius, A Banker – Tony Haydon
Valeria, His Wife – Annie Woodward
Ameana, Their Daughter – Jenni Furnish
Suffenus – Keith Railton
Thallus – Graham Fair
Cominius – Steve Higgins
Lentulus – Nick Marsden
Veranius – Chris Eyden
Fabullus – Rich Hackett
Clodia – Alison Muir
Julia – Lesley Calcott
Tullia – Wendy Sacks
Pyrallis, An Elderly Whore – Norma Bainbridge
Eria, Her Daughter, In The Same Trade – Debbie Miles
Taverner – Geoff White
Drunk – Reg Fletcher
Teuton Bodyguards – Gaham Stanley
Teuton Bodyguards – Steve Harold
Teuton Bodyguards – Chris Hill
Proles – Joy Brookes
Proles – Jackie Brown
Proles – Thelma Fletcher
Proles – Debbie Miles
Proles – Brian Nelson
Proles – Vera Watson
Proles – Andrew White
Proles – Margaret White
Setting – Geoff Firth
Song Composer – Ray Williams
Stage Director – Peter Elkington
Set Construction – Karl Stafford
Set Construction – Jeff Hadley
Set Construction – Steve Higgins
Set Construction – Chris Smith
Set Dressing – Pat Pugh
Properties – Dot Wyatt
Wardrobe – Maureen Copping
Wardrobe – Sylvia Stafford
Sound – Steve Brooks
Lighting – Philip Hanley
Lighting – Philip Purcell
Continuity – Lynda Wheldon
Photographer – T&D Photographics
The Programme
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