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Criterion Theatre
Sweet Charity (1975)
Written by Neil Simon
Sat 18th October to Sat 25th October
Director – Geoff Bennett
Production Photos
Charity – Jenni Furnish
Nickie – June Herbert
Helene – Jean Firth
Carmen – Moira Fair
Suzanne – Jane Railton
Elaine – Chris Redshaw
Frenchy – Mollie Putnam
Sissie – Lesley Hatwood
Rosie – Lesley Calcott
Herman – Keith Railton
Vittorio Vidal – Pete Bagley
Ursala – Helen Withers
Oscar – Bob Green
Daddy Brubeck – Mike Putnam
Congregation, Cops, – Carol Bennett
Crowd, Customers, – Terry Brown
Dancers, Doorman, – Lesley Calcott
Good Fairy, – Hilary Edwards
Panhandlers, – Chris Eyden
Receptionist, Subway – Reg Fletcher
Travellers, Valet – Thelma Fletcher
Waiters – Sara Herbert
Waiters – Alison Muir
Waiters – Andy Norris
Waiters – Graham Nurser
Waiters – Mike Putnam
Waiters – Hannah Richardson
Waiters – Chris Smith
Waiters – Vera Watson
Waiters – Andrew White
Waiters – Margaret White
Waiters – Vanessa Williams
Waiters – Peter Wood
Waiters – Dot Wyatt
Choreography – June Williams
Musical Director – Ray Williams
Costumes – Maureen Copping
Costumes – Sylvia Stafford
Decor – Geoff Firth
Stage Director – Elsie Bennett
Stage Manager – Karl Stafford
Set Construction – Karl Stafford
Set Construction – Geoff Firth
Set Construction – Bob Green
Set Construction – Mike Putnam
Set Construction – Bryan Ferriman
Set Construction – Chris Eyden
Set Construction – John Withers
Set Construction – Steve Jones
Set Painting – Geoff Firth
Dressing – Geoff Firth
Set Painting – Terry Nicholls
Dressing – Terry Nicholls
Properties – Wendy Sacks
Properties – Helen Withers
Wardrobe Assistant – Jane Perry
Sound – Steve Brooks
Lighting – Philip Hanley
Lighting – Bryan Ferriman
Continuity – Sylvia Bennett
The Band
Piano – Ray Williams
Drums – Harry Skelcher
Bass – Heather Johnson
Clarinet – Paul Williams
Trombone – George Hugill
Trumpet – Len Price
The Programme
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