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Criterion Theatre
Festival Of Plays (1976)
Written by Various
Sat 26th June to Sat 10th July
Director – June Williams
Director – Geoff White
Director – Jean Warren
Director – Pete Bagley
Director – Jean Firth
Director – Jim Conry
Director – Bob Green
Director – Norma Bainbridge
Production Photos
First Interviewer – Jane Railton
First Applicant – Mike Putnam
Second Applicant – June Herbert
Third Applicant – Chris Smith
Fourth Applicant – Sue Threadgold
Second Interviewer – Terry Denman
Third Interviewer – Christine Redshaw
Fourth Interviewer – Jim Conry
Man – Graham Fair
Girl – Wendy Browning
Landlady – Christine Foster
Man – Alan Warren
Woman – Annie Woodward
Mag – Jenni Furnish
Joe – Chris Eyden
Reginald Harris – Phil Bagley
Thelma Harris – Wendy Anderson
Mother – Maureen Copping
Det. Inspector Foot – Geoff White
P.c. Holmes – Chris Smith
Meg – Joan Taylor
Ada – Annie Woodward
Old Woman – Norma Bainbridge
First Office Girl – Rose Clews
Second Office Girl – Lesley Hatwood
Third Office Girl – Wendy Mcguire
Nellie – Vera Watson
Dot – Margaret White
Girl – Jill Warren
First Woman – Hilary Edwards
Second Woman – Mollie Putnam
Intruder – Dot Wyatt
First Woman – Pearl Chick
Second Woman – Elspeth Dales
Man – Jim Conry
Brindsley Miller – Keith Railton
Carol Melkett – Helen Withers
Miss Furnival – Noreen Adams
Colonel Melkett – Bryan Ferriman
Harold Gorringe – Terry Brown
Schuppanzigh – Steve Higgins
Clea – Moira Fair
Georg Bamberger – John Hathaway
Big – Pete Heskett
Medium – Pete Wood
Small – Chris Holmes
Postman – Rich Wheldon
Butler – Terry Nicholls
Costume – Jane Railton
Assistant Stage Manager – Vivienne Hunt
Assistant Stage Manager – Pearl Chick
Assistant Stage Manager – Sylvia Stafford
Setting – Julia Green
Assistant Stage Manager – Eleanor Savage
Assistant Stage Manager – Norma Bainbridge
Assistant Stage Manager – Sylvia Wharton
Assistant Stage Manager – Mike Varnom
Costume – Jane Perry
Props – Helen Green
Assistant Stage Manager – Lynda Wheldon
Assistant Stage Manager – Ann Lyndon
Stage Director – John Burrows
Assistants – Paul Glenn
Assistants – Geoff Gill
Assistants – Steve Higgins
Assistants – Mark Nicholls
Assistants – Colin Russell
Assistants – Rich Wheldon
Set Construction – Bob Green
Set Construction – Paul Glenn
Set Construction – Mike Putnam
Set Construction – Chris Smith
Set Construction – John Hathaway
Set Construction – Steve Higgins
Set Construction – Rich Wheldon
Lighting – Pete Elkington
Lighting – John Furnish
Lighting – Karl Stafford
Lighting – Sue Morris
Lighting – Mike Varnom
Sound – Steve Brooks
Sound – Paul Williams
Festival Director – Geoff Bennett
Festival Director – Bob Green
The Programme
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