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Criterion Theatre
Just For Kicks (1966)
Written by Various
Sat 21st May to Sat 28th May
Director – Geoff Bennett
Production Photos
Vote With The Beatles – The Company
Vote With The Beatles – Geoff Bennett
Vote With The Beatles – Barry Jackson
Watch Your Langlage – June Herbert
Watch Your Langlage – Ken Dooley
Watch Your Langlage – David Climie
Watch Your Langlage – Robin Green
Watch Your Langlage – John Hathaway
A Many Splendoured Thing – Jean Dooley
A Many Splendoured Thing – Yvonne Lear
Lost In The Forest Of Elizabeth Arden – Estelle Angel
Conference – Vera Watson
Conference – Ken Dooley
Conference – Ron Jones
Week-end Opportunities – Joyce Chavner
Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey? – Estelle Angel
Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey? – Joyce Chavner
Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey? – Jean Dooley
Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey? – Ray Williams
Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey? – Geoff Bennett
Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey? – June Herbert
Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey? – Yvonne Lear
Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey? – Vera Watson
Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey? – Arthur Mccaffery
Home With The Milk – Vera Watson
Home With The Milk – Robin Green
Cleaning Up Justice – Wendy Anderson
Cleaning Up Justice – John Hathaway
In Camera – The Company
In Camera – Geoff Bennett
Gladly Otherwise – Estelle Angel
Gladly Otherwise – Peter Turnbull
Never On Sunday – Tony Haydon
Never On Sunday – The Company
Never On Sunday – Ray Williams
Victoriana – Estelle Angel
Victoriana – June Herbert
Victoriana – Tony Haydon
Victoriana – Ron Jones
Victoriana – Yvonne Lear
Victoriana – John Hathaway
Psalm 23 – Arthur Mccaffery
Psalm 23 – George Hugill
A La Sartre – Wendy Anderson
A La Sartre – Jean Dooley
A La Sartre – Joyce Chavner
A La Sartre – Robin Green
A La Sartre – John Pritchett
A La Sartre – John Hathaway
A La Sartre – Ron Jones
A La Sartre – Peter Turnbull
Evolution – Ken Dooley
Evolution – Robin Green
Evolution – John Hathaway
Evolution – Geoff Bennett
Evolution – Tony Haydon
Evolution – Arthur Mccaffery
Marriage – The Company
Marriage – Various People
Folk Song – Tony Haydon
Folk Song – Ron Jones
Collector's Piece – John Hathaway
Collector's Piece – Peter Turnbull
Collector's Piece – The Company
Trouble In The Works – Ken Dooley
Trouble In The Works – Arthur Mccaffery
A Friend Of The Family – Joyce Chavner
A Friend Of The Family – Yvonne Lear
A Friend Of The Family – Tony Haydon
Three Adolescents At School – Robin Green
Three Adolescents At School – Geoff Bennett
Three Adolescents At School – Barry Jackson
Three Adolescents At School – John Hathaway
Three Adolescents At School – Arthur Mccaffery
The Infernal Triangle – Jean Dooley
The Infernal Triangle – John Hathaway
The Infernal Triangle – Tony Haydon
The Infernal Triangle – June Herbert
The Infernal Triangle – Ken Dooley
The Infernal Triangle – Robin Green
The Infernal Triangle – Arthur Mccaffery
The Infernal Triangle – Wendy Anderson
The Infernal Triangle – Joyce Chavner
The Infernal Triangle – Ron Jones
The Infernal Triangle – Peter Turnbull
Can You Hear Me? – Robin Green
Can You Hear Me? – John Hathaway
Hymnsville – Ron Jones
Hymnsville – The Company
Hymnsville – Geoff Bennett
Hymnsville – Barry Jackson
Stage Director – Reg Fletcher
Prompter – Thea Jones
Props – Ann Eley
Sound – Alfred Herbert
Lighting – Brian Tuck
Photographs By – Wynne Jarrett
Decor By – Barry Jackson
Costumes By – Janette Turnbull
Musical Direction By – Ray Williams
Choreography – June Williams
The Band
Piano – Ray Williams
Drums – Basil Witham
Bass – Vincent Tanner
The Programme
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