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Criterion Theatre
Hotel Paradiso (1968)
Written by Georges Feydeau
Sat 7th December to Sat 14th December
Director – John Hathaway
Production Photos
Boniface, A Builder – Keith Railton
Angelique, His Wife – Jean Dooley
Cot, An Architect – Geoff Bennett
Marcelle, His Wife – Jean Warren
Maxime, His Nephew – Jim Conry
Victoire, The Maid – Wendy Browning
Martin, A Barrister – Bob Browning
Violette – Kay Cross
Marguerite – Laura Hughes
Paquerette – Hilary Beck
Pervenche – Juliette Hugill
Anniello, Manager Of Hotel Paradiso – Arthur Mccaffery
Georges, A Page – Ian Hopwood
A Lady – Norma Bainbridge
A Duke – Bob Walters
Tabu, A Professor – Geoff Firth
Police Inspector Bouchard – John Lawrence
Policemen And Porters – Mick Bucknell
Policemen And Porters – Geoff Firth
Policemen And Porters – Bob Walters
Setting – Bob Morley
Stage Director – George Hugill
Set Construction – John Smith
Set Construction – Reg Light
Set Construction – Members Of The Company
Wardrobe – Renee Lingard
Properties – Norma Bainbridge
Properties – Liz Mccaffery
Properties – Vera Watson
Lighting – Norman Jones
Lighting – Bob Vincent
Sound – Alfred Herbert
Prompter – Kate Wilcox
Photographer – Richard Sadler
The Programme
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