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Criterion Theatre
The Trials (2024)
Written by Dawn King
Wed 10th January to Sat 13th January
Director – Alan Fenn
Ren – Ella Moorley
Noah – Hannah McCabe
Gabi – Scarlett Moorley
Sam – Anya Coleman
Maz – Caitlyn Brooks
Xander – Ruby Humphrey
Kai – John Powers
Amelia – Eliza Slack
Josh – Josh McCarthy
Luna – Leann Williams
Understudy – Daisy Francis
Understudy – TBA
Assistant Director – TBA
Stage Manager – Alan Fenn
Assistant Stage Manager – Hattie Mogan
Prompt – Lyra Towey
Prompt – Abbey McCabe

The near future. The climate emergency is gathering pace, and our generation is being judged. The jurors are children. But are they delivering justice – or just taking revenge?

The Trials offers a searing vision of the climate emergency and intergenerational conflict, as a jury of 12 to 17-year-olds hold the stage.

Dawn King's play was first performed in January 2022.

Reviews of the Play

"The centre of Dawn King’s new play is a debate about the climate crisis... yet it goes beyond this to look at intergenerational acrimony and at what counts as justice. As important, [the] production aims to open up the idea of who appears on stage and, so, of who owns the default gaze in a theatre"  Suzannah Clapp, The Guardian

"Teenagers are given power of life or death in Dawn King’s gripping climate dystopia...gripping, both as an urgent imagining of how our generation will be viewed by our kids, but also a smart imagining of revolution generally" Andrzej Lukowski, Time Out

Casting Information

This play involves a cast of 12 young people who have been recruited from our senior drama class.

We also need three filmed performances from 3 adult defendants:

2 female-presenting actors and 1 male-presenting actor. Playing ages of 50 - 60 years.

If you are interested, please submit a short self-tape monologue (no more than 5 minutes) by Saturday 11th November. This monologue will then be shown to the cast to see how they react, as this will form the basis of their action throughout the play.

If selected, you will not be required for the performance run or any rehearsals, as your character will be filmed leaving your commitment down to one day with the camera. However you will be required to learn a 3 page monologue.
All self tapes should be submitted to  by 11th November.
Please contact the director on or 07946 054871 to discuss and organise your audition piece or if you have any dificulty with the submission deadline.
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