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Criterion Theatre
Death Of A Salesman (1980)
Written by Arthur Miller
Sat 15th March to Sat 22nd March
Director – John Ruscoe
Production Photos
Willy Loman – Geoff Bennett
Linda – Jean Warren
Biff – Jim Conry
Happy – Nick Valentovich
Bernard – Colin Campbell
The Woman – June Herbert
Charley – Geoff White
Uncle Ben – Tony Haydon
Howard Wagner – Paul Glenn
Jenny – Susan Walker
Stanley – Andrew White
Miss Forsythe – Linda Cooper
Letta – Vanessa Williams
Designer – Geoff Geden
Stage Director – Shelagh Conry
Set Construction – Phil Bagley
Set Construction – Mike Putnam
Set Construction – Paul Glenn
Set Construction – Pete Wood
Lighting – Craig McGregor
Lighting – Luke Savage
Lighting – Phil Hanley
Sound – Dave Cornish
Sound – Pete Stoker
Properties – Alison Hodge
Properties – Mandy Hartley
Properties – Janet Appleton
Wardrobe – Maureen Copping
Prompter – Bette Dewhurst
The Band
Music Composed By – Vanessa Williams
Music Played By – Ray Williams
Music Played By – Simone Moreland
The Programme
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