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Criterion Theatre
One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest (1980)
Written by Ken Kesey
Sat 21st June to Sat 28th June
Director – Geoff Bennett
Production Photos
Aide Warren – Peter Ainley-Walker
Aide Williams – James Nailon
Nurse Ratched – Annie Woodward
Nurse Flynn – Christine Redshaw
Chief Bromden – Geoff White
Dale Harding – Keith Railton
Billy Bibbit – Colin Campbell
Scanlon – Anthony Haydon
Cheswick – John Ruscoe
Martini – Nick Valentovich
Col, Matterson – Peter Jones
Ellis – Luke Savage
Ruckley – Paul Glenn
Randle P. Mcmurphy – Phil Bagley
Dr. Spivey – Gary Fyer
Aide Turkle – George Hugill
Technician – Guy Eames
Candy Starr – Moira Fair
Sandra – Sylvia Swingler
Setting – Bryn Jones
Set Decorarlon – Pat Pugh
Lighting Design – Phil Hanley
Stage Director – Kaye Prentice
Set Construction – Mark Cataldo
Set Painting – Mark Cataldo
Set Construction – John Brickley
Set Painting – John Brickley
Set Construction – Terry Denman
Set Painting – Terry Denman
Set Construction – John Hathaway
Set Painting – John Hathaway
Set Construction – Paul Harrison
Set Painting – Paul Harrison
Set Construction – Jim Nailen
Set Painting – Jim Nailen
Set Construction – Pete Wood
Set Painting – Pete Wood
Set Dressing – Bette Dewhurst
Props – Bette Dewhurst
Set Dressing – Julie Baker
Props – Julie Baker
Set Dressing – Doreen Belton
Props – Doreen Belton
Wardrobe – Valerie Plumb
Wardrobe – Kate Howard
Sound – Dave Cornish
Lighting – Paul Harrison
Lighting – Mark Shepherd
Prompter – Jean Warren
The Programme
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