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Criterion Theatre
Funny Peculiar (1981)
Written by Mike Stott
Sat 28th March to Sat 4th April
Director – Pete Wood
Your Memories
Terry Nicholls remembers ...
The very professional Mr.Ruscoe decided to put ice water in the bottle he squirted down my trousers during the fight in the store on the last night of the run. That was fun. I had my revenge for the final scene of the play, however. John had to play it completely immobilised in a hospital bed. The mattress was upholstered in vinyl. about ten seconds before he jumped in, I emptied a bottle of ice water onto the mattress. I loved working with John on that, and many other shows back in the late seventies. Of course, he is now in his late seventies. and I’m not :)
Production Photos
Irene Tinsley – Moira Fair
Reverend Thwaite – Peter Brooks
Trevor Tinsley – John Ruscoe
Mrs. Baldry – Jean Warren
Sergeant Harry Asquith – Tom Sadler
Stanley Baldry – Jim Nailen
Shirley Smlth – Sylvia Swingler
Eric Smith – Jim Conry
Desmond Ainsley – Terry Nicholls
Gerald Shane – Geoff Hunt
Designer – Geoff Geden
Stage Director – Wendy Smith
Set Construction – Terry Nicholls
Set Construction – Vic Cooper
Set Construction – Tim Bull
Set Construction – Peter Jones
Set Construction – Nick Valentovich
Set Construction – Clive Robinson
Set Painting – Geoff Geden
Set Dressing – Bette Dewhurst
Props – Bette Dewhurst
Set Dressing – Doreen Belton
Props – Doreen Belton
Set Dressing – Kathy Feeney
Props – Kathy Feeney
Set Dressing – Mandy Hartley
Props – Mandy Hartley
Set Dressing – June Hill
Props – June Hill
Set Dressing – Gloria Oatridge
Props – Gloria Oatridge
Wardrobe – Alison Hodge
Wardrobe – Lynda Higgins
Wardrobe – Margaret Clemons
Sound – Dave Cornish
Sound – Paul Glenn
Lighting – Clive Robinson
Lighting – Ian Knight
Lighting – Karl Stafford
Prompter – Janette Mcdade
The Programme
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