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Criterion Theatre
The Importance Of Being Earnest (1983)
Written by Oscar Wilde
Thu 12th May to Sat 14th May
Director – Jane Railton
Production Photos
John Worthing, J.p. (of The Manor House,woolton, Hertfordshire) – Peter Brooks
Algernon Moncrieff (his Friend) – Ben Lister
Re Chasuble, D.d. (rector Of Woolton) – Vic Cooper
Merriman (butler To Mr.worthing) – Peter Jones
Lane (mr. Moncrieff's Man-servant) – Tom Sadler
Lady Bracknell – Jean Warren
Hon.gwendolen Fairfax (her Daughter) – Helen Withers
Cecily Cardew (john Worthing's Ward) – Kirsten Thornton
Miss Prism – Margaret White
Set Design – Tim Earnshaw
Set Design – Geoff Geden
Stage Director – Norma Bainbridge
Set Construction – Jim Nailen
Set Construction – Jim Conry
Set Construction – Geoff Hunt
Set Construction – Pete Wood
Set Construction – Nick Meredith
Set Construction – Peter Turnbull
Set Construction – Paul Glenn
Set Construction – Rod Duncan
Set Construction – Alison Hancock
Set Construction – Paul Rose-Duncan
Set Construction – Nicola Holt
Set Construction – Lynn Gallacher
Wardrobe – Terri Eggington
Wardrobe – Maureen Bates
Wardrobe – Catherine Everson
Set Dressing – June Hill
Props – June Hill
Set Dressing – Tricia Deverson
Props – Tricia Deverson
Set Dressing – Penny Kuner
Props – Penny Kuner
Set Dressing – Antoinette Brown
Props – Antoinette Brown
Set Dressing – Janette Turnbull
Props – Janette Turnbull
Set Dressing – Carolyn Rakowski
Props – Carolyn Rakowski
Lighting Design – Karl Stafford
Lighting Operators – Ian Knight
Sound – Dave Cornish
Prompter – Cathy Jennings
The Band
Music Composed By – Ben Lister
The Programme
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