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Criterion Theatre
A Streetcar Named Desire (1983)
Written by Tennessee Williams
Sat 15th October to Sat 22nd October
Director – John Ruscoe
Production Photos
Blanche Dubois – Moira Fair
Stella Kowalski – Linda Cooper
Stanley Kowalski – Jim Conry
Mitch – Paul Glenn
Eunice Hubbel – Doreen Belton
Steve Hubbel – Dennis Blasdale
Pablo Gonzales – Pete Wood
Woman – Annie Woodward
Doctor – Tony Haydon
Nurse – Maureen Bates
A Young Collector – Phillip Edkins
A Mexican Woman – Margaret White
Sailor – Simon Reason
Drunk – John James
Designer – Phil Bagley
Lighting Designed By – Ian Knight
Stage Director – Annie Woodward
Set Construction – Phil Bagley
Painting – Phil Bagley
Set Construction – James Corrigan
Painting – James Corrigan
Set Construction – Charlie Acton
Painting – Charlie Acton
Set Construction – Clive Robinson
Painting – Clive Robinson
Set Construction – Jeremiah Wood
Painting – Jeremiah Wood
Set Construction – Jay Blakemore
Painting – Jay Blakemore
Set Construction – Pete Bagley
Painting – Pete Bagley
Set Construction – Terry Denman
Painting – Terry Denman
Set Construction – Simon Reason
Painting – Simon Reason
Set Construction – Pete Wood
Painting – Pete Wood
Set Construction – Doug Griffiths
Painting – Doug Griffiths
Props – Tricia Deverson
Props – Penny Buckle
Props – Sylvia Conroy
Props – Penny Kuner
Props – Sarah Patalong
Props – Chris Redshaw
Props – Vera Watson
Props – Jackie Webb
Props – Caroline White
Wardrobe – Jane Railton
Wardrobe – Joan Bradbury
Wardrobe – Elizabeth Brooks
Wardrobe – Christine Vincent
Wardrobe – Elaine Woodward
Lighting – Clive Robinson
Sound – Nick Meredith
Prompter – Maureen Bates
The Programme
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