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Criterion Theatre
An Inspector Calls (1984)
Written by J. B. Priestley
Sun 18th March to Sat 24th March
Director – Chris Foster
Production Photos
Arthur Birling – John Withers
Gerald Croft – Ben Lister
Shella Birling – Diane Bulow
Sybil Birling – June Jensen
Edna – June Hill
Eric Birling – Colin Campbell
Inspector Goole – Phil Bagley
Designer – Geoff Geden
Lighting Designed By – Ian Knight
Stage Director – Jeanette Nailen
Set Construction – Vic Cooper
Set Construction – Doug Griffiths
Set Construction – Peter Jones
Set Construction – Bill Parkin
Set Dressing – Geoff Geden
Painting – Geoff Geden
Set Dressing – Chris Hughes
Painting – Chris Hughes
Set Dressing – Pat Pugh
Painting – Pat Pugh
Set Dressing – Janette Turnbull
Painting – Janette Turnbull
Props – Chris Redshaw
Props – Maureen Bates
Props – Lynne Brookes
Props – Janette Turnbull
Props – Vera Watson
Wardrobe – Terry Egginton
Wardrobe – Jackie Webb
Lighting – Nick Meredith
Sound – Pete Wood
Prompter – Bill Parkin
The Programme
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