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Criterion Theatre
The Boyfriend (1985)
Written by Sandy Wilson
Sat 22nd June to Sat 29th June
Director – Bob Morley
Production Photos
Hortense, A French Maid – Pamela Holden-Smith
Maisie – Sarah Bailey
Dulcie – Karen Martin-Smith
Fay – Jane Flavelle
Nancy – Jane Haldenby
Polly Browne – Diane Bulow
Marcel – Ben Lister
Pierre – Peter Haynes
Alphonse – Gerald Normoyle
Mai)ame Dubonnet – Jean Firth
Bobby Van Husen – Mike Haldenby
Percival Browne – Mark Wiszowaty
Tony – Patrick Flavelle
Lord Brockhurst – Vic Cooper
Lady Brockhurst – Hazel Moreland
Jaques, Pepe, Gendarme – Simon Guard
Designer – Cathy Wilford
Lighting Designed By – Ian Knight
Choreographer – Sarah Rafique
Musical Number Production – Bob Morley
Musical Number Production – Ben Lister
Stage Manager – Helen Withers
Set Construction – Phil Bagley
Set Construction – Paul Glenn
Set Construction – Jim Mcgarrity
Set Construction – Jim Nailen
Set Construction – John Ruscoe
Set Construction – Pete Wood
Set Painting – Cathy Wilford
Set Painting – David Owen
Set Painting – Pam Pickard
Set Painting – Steve Podger
Set Painting – Liz Thompson
Props – Christine Foster
Set Dressing – Christine Foster
Props – Mary Gallagher
Set Dressing – Mary Gallagher
Props – Penny Kuner
Set Dressing – Penny Kuner
Props – Sarah Patalong
Set Dressing – Sarah Patalong
Props – Jonathan Whitehall
Set Dressing – Jonathan Whitehall
Wardrobe – Maureen Copping
Lighting – Ruth Hermitage
Sound – Tricia Oatridge
Prompter – Maureen Bates
The Programme
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