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Criterion Theatre
The Roses Of Eyam (1988)
Written by Don Taylor
Sat 5th November to Sat 12th November
Director – Jean Firth
Director – Richard Warren
Production Photos
William Mompesson – John Withers
Catherine Mompesson – Doreen Belton
Their Children – Heather Bagley
Their Children – Katherine Bagley
Bedlam – Paul Glenn
Unwin – Tom Sadler
Merrill – Mike Fell
Marshall Howe – Rupert Butt
Thomas Stanley – John Hathaway
Rowland Torre – Mike Jones
George Vicars – Mark Hone
Colonel Bradshaw – Geoff Askew
Mrs. Bradshaw – Thelma Fletcher
A Carter – Chris Russell
Mrs. Cooper – Maureen Copping
Edward Cooper – Alex Kidger
Jonathan Cooper – Patrick Flavelle
Mrs. Sydall – Liz Thompson
Richard Sydall – Terry Denman
Emmot Sydall – Sarah Pritchard
Sarah Sydall – Gennie Holmes
Ellen Sydall – Sarah Belton
Edytha Torre – Margueritte Bottrill
William Torre – Mark Hone
Alice Torre – Lynne Brookes
Thomas Torre – John James
Frances Torre – Sue Franco
Isaac Thornley – Reg Fletcher
Edward Thornley – Pete Wood
Elizabeth Thornley – Barbara Pickering
William Thornley – Phil Edkins
Francis Thornley – Russell Metcalfe
Mary Thornley – Fran Hughes
George Frith – Doug Griffiths
Frances Frith – Terry Egginton
Mary Frith – Jane Flavelle
Francis Frith – Stephen Gleave
Ann Frith – Marie Tarrant
Elizabeth Swanne – Bernadette Wynne
Lydia Chapman – Louise Owen
George Mower – Mark Wiszowaty
Stage Manager – Peter Jones
Lighting – Ian Knight
Sound – Pete Wood
Sound – Tricia Oatridge
Sound – David Bailey
Props – Liz Thompson
Wardrobe – Maureen Copping
Wardrobe – Lu Bowen
Wardrobe – Christine Bromley
Set Construction – Karl Stafford
Set Construction – Ian Knight
Set Construction – Kit Grove
Set Construction – Pete Wood
Prompter – Wendy Stevens
Photographs By – Ralph Rodgers
Designer – Louise Bagley
The Programme
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