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Criterion Theatre
The American Clock (1992)
Written by Arthur Miller
Sat 1st February to Sat 8th February
Director – Geoff Bennett
Production Photos
Rosebaum – Lynne Brookes
Moebaum – Pete Bagley
Leebaum, Their Son – Mike Jones
Arthur Robertson – John Ruscoe
Clarence – Guy Eames
Frank – Steve Cobert
Fanny, Rose's Sister – Helen Clarke
Grandpa, Rose's Father – John Coppock
Dr.rosman – Simon Garside
W.durant – John Coppock
J.livermore – Chris Old
Clayton – John Marron
Tony – Steve Cobert
Diana – Emma Padfield
Joey – John Marron
Henry Taylor – John Marron
Mrs.taylor – Helen Clarke
Harriet – Sara Carter
Charley – Guy Eames
Judge Bradley – Chris Old
Brewster – Simon Garside
Mr Howard – Steve Cobert
Sidney – Steve Cobert
Doris – Sara Carter
Ralph – Steve Cobert
Rudy – Simon Garside
Isabel – Emma Padfield
Isaac – Guy Eames
Sheriff – John Coppock
Ryan – Chris Old
Bush – Simon Garside
Grace – Gennie Holmes
Lucy – Sara Carter
Irene – Liz Thompson
Kapush – John Coppock
Dugan – Guy Eames
Toland – Steve Cobert
Edie – Emma Padfield
Lucille – Gennie Holmes
Stanislaus – John Marron
Stage Director – Peter Jones
Set Design – Louise Bagley
Set Construction – Roger Duke
Set Construction – Michael Clarke
Set Construction – John Bagley
Set Construction – Mark Wiszowaty
Set Painting – Louise Bagley
Wardrobe – Linda Holmes
Wardrobe – Liz Enderby
Wardrobe – Suzi Edwards
Props – Becky Bartlett
Props – Catherine Mcglone
Props – Christine Street
Props – Heather Street
Props – Steve Withers
Props – Liz Thompson
Lighting Design – Pete Wood
Lighting Design – Ian Knight
Lighting – Graham Robinson
Lighting – Pete Bennett
Sound – Dave Cornish
The Programme
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