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Criterion Theatre
Wasps (2000)
Written by Tony Breeze
Sat 12th February to Sat 19th February
Director – Pete Wood
Production Photos
Vera – Sharron Cutts
Sue – Emma Padfield
Freda – Maureen Copping
Maggie – Nancy Silvester
Mooney – Jan Nightingale
Belle – Val Rodgers
Octavia – Nicole Firth
Pearl – Gennie Holmes
Stage Manager – Annie Woodward
Stage Manager – Lynne Brookes
Lighting – Ian Knight
Sound – Dave Cornish
Set Design – Paul Chokran
Props – Nikki Muckle
Props – Maggie Parkes
Props – Lynne Amery
Props – Debbie Mcleod
Wardrobe – Pam Coleman
Prompt – Lisa Evans
Set Construction – Mick Padfield
Set Painting – Mick Padfield
Set Construction – Jayne Padfield
Set Painting – Jayne Padfield
Set Construction – Dave Holmes
Set Painting – Dave Holmes
Set Construction – Tony Cuttiford
Set Painting – Tony Cuttiford
Set Construction – Paul Chokran
Set Painting – Paul Chokran
Set Construction – Judy Talbot
Set Painting – Judy Talbot
Set Construction – Tracy Unknown
Set Painting – Tracy Unknown
Author – Tony Breeze
The Programme
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