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Criterion Theatre
A Midsummer Night's Dream (2000)
Written by William Shakespeare
Sat 2nd September to Tue 19th September
Director – Pete Bagley
Production Photos
Thesues, Duke Of Athens – Keith Keer
Hippolyta, Betrothed To Thesues – Sinead Hurst
Lysander, In Love With Hermia – Jamie Firth
Demetrius, Also In Love With Hermia – Gareth Withers
Hermia, In Love With Lysander – Nikki Muckle
Helena, In Love With Demetrius – Rebecca Brigden
Egeus, Father To Hermia – Pete Bagley
Philostrate, Court Official – Miles Weaver
Court Photographer – Emma Padfield
Oberon, Tribal Chief – Jason Dawson
Titania, His Partner – Kate Attwooll
Puck, Oberon's Right Hand Man – Matt Sweatman
Thyme – Gennie Holmes
Pease Blossom – Jessica Dixon
Cobweb – Olivia Holmes
Moth – Sarah Harris
Mustardseed – Louise Cuttiford
Peter Quince, A Carpenter (plays The Prologue) – John Edwards
Nick Bottom. A Weaver (plays Pyramus The Hero) – Pete Wood
Francis Flute. A Bellows Mender (plays Thisbe, The Heroine) – Michael Hammond
Tom Snout, A Tinker (plays A Wall) – John Snape
Snug, A Joiner (plays A Lion) – Paul Field
Robin Starveling, A Tailor (plays Moonshine) – Tony Cuttiford
Assistant Director – Lynne Brookes
Set Design – Pete Bagley
Set Design – Louise Bagley
Costume Design – Linda Holmes
Lighting – Ian Knight
Sound – Steve Withers
Stage Manager – Peter Jones
Assistant Stage Manager – Liz Thompson
Assistant Stage Manager – Nicole Firth
Properties – Emma Padfield
Properties – Ruth Maton
Wardrobe Assistant – Nancy Silvester
Wardrobe Assistant – Sue Chilvers
Set Team – Louise Bagley
Set Team – Pauline Petros
Set Team – Dave Holmes
Set Team – Doug Griffiths
Set Team – Julian Cox
Set Team – Mike Tooley
Set Team – Peter Jones
Set Team – Rachel Field
Set Team – Katy Field
Set Team – Heather Bagley
Set Team – Chris Firth
Sculptures By – Janson Strain
The Programme
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