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Criterion Theatre
The Marat Sade (1968)
Written by Peter Weiss
Sat 19th October to Sat 26th October
Director – Geoff Bennett
Production Photos
M Coulmier – Ralph Jones
Mme Coulmier – Molly Hugill
Mlle Coulmier – Laura Hughes
Nuns – Sandra Alderton
Nuns – Joy Evans
Guard – Mick Bucknell
Herald – Jim Conry
Marquis De Sade – Peter Turnbull
Jean Paul Marat – John Hathaway
Simonne Everard – Wendy Ashfield
Charlotte Corday – Wendy Anderson
Duperret – Keith Railton
Jacques Roux – Bob Browning
Ensemble – Janet Chamberlain
Ensemble – Joyce Chavner
Ensemble – Glynis Cooper
Ensemble – Helena Gault
Ensemble – Lesley Hatwood
Ensemble – Marilyn Lester
Ensemble – Liz Mccaffery
Ensemble – Jean Warren
Ensemble – Terry Brown
Ensemble – Geoff Firth
Ensemble – Nick Gould
Ensemble – Dave Holland
Ensemble – Ian Hopwood
Ensemble – Bob Walters
Kokol – Bob Morley
Polpoch – Peter Wood
Cucurucu – Vera Watson
Rossignol – Maureen Copping
Andre – Ray Williams
Louis – George Hugill
Setting – Barry Jackson
Costume Designer – Janette Turnbull
Stage Director – Elsie Bennett
Stage Manager – Jeff Hadley
Set Construction – Jeff Hadley
Set Construction – Barry Jackson
Set Construction – Bob Vincent
Wardrobe – Julia Green
Wardrobe – Ann Pyrah
Props – Joan Tucker
Props – Christine Harris
Masks – Bryn Jones
Sound – Stephen Brookes
Sound – Barbara Reed
Lighting – Norman Jones
Lighting – Ben Woodward
Lighting – Bob Vincent
Photographs – Richard Sadler
The Programme
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