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Play Reading - Maryland by Lucy Kirkwood
17th November from 20:00 to 21:00
In the Comfort Of Your Home
We are thrilled to be able to participate in the script-in-hand performances of a new play by Lucy Kirkwood, produced at the Royal Court Theatre in October 2021. 

The Maryland performance script has been offered for free for any theatre company or drama training organisation in the UK who is interested to stage their own script-in-hand reading.

Lucy Hayton will direct this performance with a cast drawn from Criterion members who have participated in the Zoom play readings over the last 2 years. 

The cast includes:  Lucy Hayton, Gennie Holmes, Sarah Priddy, Denise Pitter, Charlotte Rawson, Gisa Arum, Frances Hewison, Mandy Sutton, Debra Relton-Elves, Anne-marie Greene, Dawn Morris, Leonie Slater, Pete Gillam.

Our performed reading will be produced on Zoom and all are welcome to attend. Please contact to receive the private link and password. 

Attendance is free, but in light of the motivation for the writing of the play, we ask that you consider making a donation to the Coventry Rape and Sexual Advice Centre (CRASAC) 

About Maryland:

This play was for many years a private conversation with myself. The horrific murders of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa this year have galvanised me into making it public. I hesitate to even call it a play when it is simply a howl, a way of expressing what I feel about a culture of violence against women, but I am sharing it because I wonder if it might express a little of what other people feel about it too. It was written very quickly, and I am grateful to the Royal Court for snatching up a gauntlet thrown down last Friday night with such energy, care and seriousness.“ – Playwright Lucy Kirkwood

Sometimes you dont know what you need until it arrives like a bolt from the blue and things are turned upside down. This is what happened to us at the Royal Court when Lucy Kirkwoods play Maryland arrived in our inboxes on Friday night. Since then we have all stepped up to her extraordinary rallying cry and are able to give her voice our space in search of some kind of understanding, howl, communal event in light of the horrific actions still being committed against all women and victims of gendered violence.

We all live in the same world, hear the same news, share the same existential fears and longings. Some people specialise in tending to our health, and some people tend to our roads and buildings, and some people tend to the food we eat and some people teach us to read and write and some people move important things from a to b. And then there are some other people who sit in the same world as us but with their pattern of words and ideas show that world back to us in a way which momentarily stops us feeling so alone, so fearful, so lost. There is order. There is hope. This is what this tiny enormous play does. This is what the Royal Court is for. This is what art is for.
We are so proud to be stepping up. We are devastated we still have to.” – Vicky Featherstone

Please note that this play contains strong language. References to sexual assault, rape and violence, References of abduction and murder, References of police brutality and coercion.

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