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Criterion Theatre

A performance of: Springboard Festival
30th March from 19:30 to 22:00
In the Auditorium

Day Six: Thursday 30th March 2023

A Night of Three Dramas


Drama - The Pursuits of Pe'er Gynt by Liv Dineley

Meet Pe'er. Pe'er Gynt. A charming yet impulsive young man trying to find his drive.
He’s on a search for happiness by any means. Everywhere he roams, chaos and destruction are sure to follow.
Like a Tory to tax fraud, he’s completely blind to the effect his brazen lifestyle has on those around him. Imaginative retelling of classic tale.
Liv Dineley is a walkabout performer with Coventry based company The Fabularium and Co-Director of The Allesley Silas, part of the Coventry City of Culture programming.
Drama - Wild Swim by Martha Watson Allpress


On 17 March 2020, Papatango launched Isolated But Open: Voices from Across The Shutdown, to inspire creativity and share brilliant new stories at a time when people needed them most. The result was ten new monologues, chosen from 2063 submissions, representing the freshest, most vital and most exciting voices from across the country at that unprecedented time. Wild Swim was one of those monologues.From fags, red stripe and eclairs to plunging into icy water, the grieving process is full of surprises. In Wild Swim we meet Lauren who is persuaded to plunge into a frosty, muddy lake as a way of re-connecting with her Mum.  It’s a beautifully written, emotional piece that manages to explore loss with humour and is ultimately joyful and life-affirming.Performed by Lucy Hayton and directed by Helen Withers. This is a Criterion Theatre production.

 Drama - Fast by Fin Kennedy


A twenty-four-hour school fundraiser in a semi-rural town takes on a new urgency when farmer's daughter Cara refuses to eat again until the supermarkets she holds responsible for her father's suicide agree to her demands. The Criterion Theatre Youth theatre presents this thought provoking ensemble piece.

Directed by Alan Fenn.
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