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Criterion Theatre

Criterion Memories Project
22nd March

Over the past 60 years, there have been hundreds of performances at the Criterion's Berkley Road home. Whilst the Theatre's archive has kept a record of these through pictures, reviews and programmes, the one thing we've not been able to capture are the personal memories from those involved in these productions. 

In order to bring even more colour to this fantastic archive, we're launching the "Criterion Memories" project. We would like to welcome all performers, back stage crew, members, audiences and visitors to regale us with fantastic tales of Criterion memories to help celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the theatre. 

So whether your memory is about a performance by an actor, an interesting backstage story or rain pouring through the roof during a rehearsal, all stories will help bring the archive to life; documenting in one place, the rich history and joy that it has brought to all those who've been involved in its journey.

You can find out more about the project, in the first of a series of interviews set to take place over the next few months on our Youtube channel. Jamie Firth, talks to Criterion President Keith Railton and Chairman Jon Elves about the project and some of their own memories. See all of the interviews as they are updated here.

So how can you contribute? The archive is available at the top of this page or at There is a list of things that we are on the hunt for, such as poster artwork, programmes etc which we currently don't have - these can be viewed through the "Contributing" page. 

Alternatively, choose the relevant play and select "My Memory" and tell us your tale. You can add photos as well if you have any - these could be of rehearsals, backstage or in the bar! Please try to keep in mind that this is a family theatre; the administrators will be checking all contributions! 

We look forward to any contributions and creating an archive which shows all the colour and enjoyment of being involved in a community theatre.

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