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A portrait of your pet (Lot 105)
Promised by Lukasz Nowacki
Working from a photograph I will create an artwork to treasure of your favourite pet. Here is Mollie, as an example of my work!

One hour professional photographic family portrait sitting. (Lot 104)
Promised by Richard Johnson of RJ Photographics
Your sitting will be outdoors and socially distanced, either in your own garden (subject to local lockdown restrictions) or, alternatively in a suitable rural location within the Coventry area. You will be able to choose 6 images from the series of images taken during the sitting. These will be supplied as large resolution digital files.
Personal History Walking Tour - Streets of Earlsdon or City Centre (Lot 103)
Promised by Peter Walters
A personal history tour of the original eight streets of Earlsdon, or of Coventry City Centre. Covid 19 restrictions to apply to numbers depending on when the Promise is cashed in! The tour could be a one-off, for a family, or for individuals. Both city centre and Earlsdon walking tours take an hour to an hour-and-a-half.

Learn how to make a restaurant quality mid-week meal (Lot 102)
Promised by James Hamilton Harding
I’ll teach you how to make a super delicious, low effort mid-week meal. Options include: pork or chicken katsu, chicken or tofu satay or a classic 15 minute carbonara via zoom.

A day's worth of gardening (Lot 101)
Promised by Becky Cribdon
Point my weeding finger in the right direction and I'm yours for the day (or multiple equivalent sessions). I can come within 4 miles of the theatre and will bring my own small tools.

Three evenings of your life back (babysitting) (Lot 100)
Promised by Becky Cribdon
I will mind your children for three sessions of your choice. Dogs are fine; cats enjoyed. Limitations: within 4 miles of the theatre and probably not Friday evenings in term time. I can leave your kids to whatever they do or attempt wholesome activities.
A Celebratory Cake (Lot 99)
Promised by Kerry Raynes
I'll bake you a cake and deliver it to Coventry.


Show-quizness (Lot 98)
Promised by Richard Warren/Chris Firth
We will set a general knowledge quiz (max 5 rounds) themed around your choice of individual topics. It could be for a loved ones’ birthday; your gardening club meeting; or a work Christmas do. The rounds can be a mixture of written, pictures and audio challenges.
A Young Man with a Pressure Washer (Lot 97)
Promised by Ted McGowan
Do you have a filthy patio, a pitiful path or a deck needing a refresh? Ted's the chap for the job. He will pop round to yours and pressure wash practically anything, within reason, with his trusty Kärcher.

A Man with a Trailer (Lot 96)
Promised by Neil McGowan
Do you need to dump some unwanted items/rubbish that you can't recycle at the kerbside? I will load up and transport a trailer load to Coventry Tip on a date to be agreed in 2021 (CV19 restrictions allowing). Within a three mile radius of Coventry. Boy, does this man love his trailer...

Bush Trim (Lot 95)
Promised by Alan Fenn
Steady on ! Myself and my chainsaw will spend a day in your garden trimming or pruning whatever needs it. I have short and long reach equipment as well as a powerful chipper to turn all the waste into compost able bits.

A cake a month for a whole year (Lot 94)
Promised by Judy Sharpe
I will make a cake of your choice (from a list of 15 specified cakes) for each month over the next 12 months, and deliver to your home (within a 5 mile radius of the theatre)

One days decorating (labour only) in Coventry area (Lot 93)
Promised by Tony Cuttiford

An original portrait (Lot 92)
Promised by Martin Willis
I will paint a portrait of your choice from a digital photograph of a single person - either a celebrity or a special person in your life


One hour body massage at home (Lot 91)
Promised by Daniel Searles
When it's safe to do so I will come to your home and give a relaxing full body massage.
A Company of Hostas That Will Give You an Unforgettable Dramatic Performance (Lot 90)
Promised by Keith Railton
I promise to produce a cast of 10 talented hostas that will add dramatic effect to your garden and if directed skilfully will lead, in time, to a terrific variety show. They will look great in boxes, on balconies or in any part of your auditorium and will, of course, consist of a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Let a hosta ensemble bring a little theatre back into your life and leave you with an unforgettable performance. The hosta ensemble will appear in one litre pots in May 2021. Delivery and growing instructions included.

Weeding (Lot 89)
Promised by Jo Payne
General garden/herbaceous borders 2 hours, 4 occasions or similar by arrangement within one mile of the Criterion Theatre

Do a family’s weekly ironing (Lot 88)
Promised by Jonathan Rees
I pledge to do a 'family of four's' weekly ironing pile, CV19 restrictions allowing (!)

Fruitwood Music Stand (Lot 87)
Promised by Helen McGowan
A bespoke, fruit wood music stand made in the 1990s by a Warwick craftsman - suitable for a child or for a seated musician. Height adjustable up to 48". Highly decorative and beautifully made.



A vegan cake (Lot 86)
Promised by Becky Cribdon
There's lots of cake on offer, so here's a low-tier speciality promise: one vegan cake (or traybake or similar) of your choice, plus bike delivery if within 4 miles of the theatre.
A limerick for every member of your household (Lot 85)
Promised by Paul Forey
The Criterion's funds are at stake So Paul has an action to take: A limerick, he'll pen, For you and your friends. You'll wish you had opted for cake.
3 course meal for 4 (Lot 84)
Promised by Linda Holmes
Delivered within a five mile radius. Veggie, vegan and gluten free option available if required.

Indian or Spanish Meal for 4 (Lot 83)
Promised by Hugh Sorrill
I’ll cook a full Indian Spanish tapas meal for four (actually it’s probably enough for more!) delivered to your home in Coventry on a mutually agreed date

A Cream Tea for two delivered to your door (Lot 82)
Promised by Helen McGowan
I’ll bake a cream tea, complete with home made scones, sandwiches and cake, along with a bottle of fizz. All you have to do is put the kettle on!

Learn to Juggle (Lot 81)
Promised by Peter Gillam
I'll spend 8 hour long sessions teaching you how to juggle.

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