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Look Mum, no hands

"I used to dismiss you, but now I just miss you"

Jan 27th to Feb 3rd 2018

A play by A Double Bill comprising 'Gods Are Fallen And All Safety Gone' by Selma Dimitrijevic & 'Spacewang' by Tom Wells plus live music.

‘Gods are Fallen and All Safety Gone’ by Selma Dimitrijevic

The unusual title of the play is taken from John Steinbeck’s novel East of Eden and is an investigation into what happens when we discover that our parents are flawed human beings, and that at some point, sooner than we think, they are suddenly going to disappear from our lives.

In an intimate and funny exploration of mother and daughter relationships, two actors explore the fascinating relationship dynamic of a thirty-something daughter and her ageing mother.

Gods Are Fallen and All Safety Gone has been described as a lifetime of conversations, condensed into one hour.

Press Comment

Dimitrijevic’s sequence of four repeating mother-daughter conversations is perfectly simple in structure. But within its framework, she produces a superbly subtle analysis of the comedy and agony of this closest of family relationships.” The Scotsman

“I suggest you take your mother along to see it. Walk out with her arm-in-arm, just like I did. It may be too early for drinks at that point, but it won’t be too late to talk. For as long as it’s not too late to talk to your mother, ‘Gods Are Fallen’ may not break your heart.” The Moscow News

‘Spacewang’ by Tom Wells

Nora, aged 14 ish , has come to the beach to test out her new equipment. Her words reveal a chaotic life of school truancy, alcohol, shop-lifting and an obsession with making contact with extra-terrestrial aliens. As she talks we learn more about the reasons behind her problems and why she has felt compelled to come to the beach on this particular evening. 

This is a delightfully wry, witty and surreal piece of writing from a talented young playwright. 

Though Wells’ monologue has many comedic highlights, it is also tinged with melancholy too as the audience slowly realises who Nora is really trying to reach” Drama Online

“‘Spacewang’ is the shortest monologue I’ve looked at, but it’s probably the tightest and most conventionally

compelling of all. A memorable sketch of childhood delusion built upon a strong visual base.” Monoblogged.

For this production we are delighted to welcome to the Criterion local composer Sophie Hadlum who will be playing some of her cinematic classical piano pieces as a prelude to the plays. 

The programme will also include songs performed live by Nicole Firth. 

For more information about this production please contact the Director via

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