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Criterion Theatre

Staying Covid-Safe at the Criterion


Looking after our cast, crew, front of house teams and audiences is our top priority. 

How are you keeping your teams safe including performers and crews?

We have to meet the strict social distancing requirements in force for non-professional theatre companies, which means that no more than 6 people from 2 households can meet to rehearse and perform. Rehearsals will take place online, or within the theatre under social distancing. For this reason, our planned productions are necessarily limited in scale, involving very small casts and backstage teams and avoiding content which would require contact between performers who are not in the same household. This is combined with careful logistical scheduling of entry and exit to the theatre building, use of dressing rooms, and restricting contact between people in different backstage spaces (e.g. dressing rooms, tech box, props kitchen, scene dock).

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